10 Things We’re Excited to Learn in the Community Study

On February 20, we will unveil the findings from the 2017 Community Study. Here are 10 things we’re excited to learn that will help shape future programming throughout the Jewish community.

To learn the answers to these questions (and so many more!!), come to Rodef Shalom at 5:30pm for an in-depth conversation about the Pittsburgh Jewish community. RSVP today!

  1. How has Jewish Pittsburgh grown over the last 15 years? Which demographics have grown more than others?
  2. How many Jewish households in Pittsburgh are struggling with economic insecurity and poverty?
  3. Are people in Jewish Pittsburgh travelling to Israel? How connected do they feel to Israel?
  4. How has congregational life changed in the last 15 years since the last local community study? What can we learn about the ways people belong to (and attend) synagogues?
  5. How are interfaith families engaging with the Jewish programming?
  6. How do Jewish young adults in Pittsburgh feel about being Jewish? How do they most deeply identify with their Judaism?
  7. How connected do people throughout Jewish Pittsburgh feel to the Jewish community?
  8. What are some of the physical/mental health challenges that Jewish Pittsburghers most routinely face? What services do they require?
  9. What percentage of Jewish children are benefiting from a formal Jewish education, either through a Jewish early childhood center program, day school, or part-time school? What about summer camps and youth groups?
  10. Where do people in Jewish Pittsburgh live? Which suburban areas are growing?

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