We’ve Completed the Community Study! Now what?

The Community Study contains a treasure of information about our community. It is a 100+ page book (with a 200+ page appendix and a soon-to-be available publicly usable dataset) dedicated to Jewish Pittsburgh, specifically designed to help service providers make better-informed decisions based on real, hard data.

Now that the findings have been released, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work strengthening this amazing community. We’ve designed a four-pronged approach to help jumpstart dialogue throughout the community and drive action based on data that has been collected.

Prong #1: We will continue to present the findings of the study to interested stakeholders. Our audiences include boards of Jewish organizations, major donors of Jewish organizations, Jewish communal professionals who represent communal interests, and Jewish communal professionals who represent specific subpopulations.

If you represent a Jewish organization in Pittsburgh and would like to request a special presentation of the findings, please email us at [email protected].

Prong #2: We will continue to use this blog (as well as other mediums) to disseminate more in-depth information of the study. Please check back here regularly to learn more about the findings.

Prong #3: We will bring together agency representatives, key stakeholders, and community members to take a deeper look at the information. We will use community forums to discuss the main takeaways from the study. And we will request your voice as we collect input into the Jewish Federation’s planning framework.

As this plan is executed, it will breed new ideas, new strategies, and new partnerships.

Prong #4: We will help facilitate new initiatives and new collaborations into the community based on the results of the Community Study and the discussions that are generated thereafter.

Think about what this study means for our future. If we address our areas of opportunity together, we can pave the road for an even brighter Jewish Pittsburgh of tomorrow.

We eagerly look forward to these crucial next steps.

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